Marriage, Couple and Partner Counseling

“The closer we become, the more we push away.” This and similar comments are common in the language of couples coming into counseling. Being in a relationship with another person is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in this life. Many people are compelled to be in an intimate relationship but struggle to maintain the passion and sense of connection.

The list of reasons for being in an intimate relationship is long and may include: emotional fulfillment, personal growth, companionship, needing to be needed, needing to be taken care of, duty, control, needing someone to listen, love, financial security, children, etc. Marriage, Couple and Partner CounselingWhatever the reasons for being in a relationship, people need several core skills to navigate the ups and downs. These ups and downs frequently come when there are problems like addictions, abuse, affairs, moves, job changes, home changes, financial or sexual difficulties. Counseling helps couples to develop, practice, and strengthen core skills (e.g. communication, trust, common goals, playfulness, problem solving, stability, etc.). Mental Health Counselors/Therapists utilize the counseling process to assist and encourage clients as they become aware and comfortable using these skills. This results in clients having the ability to use these skills appropriately long after they have discontinued counseling/therapy.

If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship, talk with your partner and call to schedule an appointment.