Groups and Workshops

Periodically I offer specialized therapy groups for:

• Adults who were Molested As Children (AMAC)
• Reinventing Your Life
• Teens Recovering form Sexual Abuse or Rape
• Female Juveniles who have had Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors with children
• Co-Dependence
• Emotional Aspects of Hearing Loss
• Depression
• Terminating Trauma – Recovery Steps
• Communication Skills
• Preparing for Surgery

Potential new groups include:

• Gay and Lesbian Parents – Support, Education and Insight
• Transitions (e.g. Communities, Jobs, Abilities)
• Assertiveness for Women
• Self-Improvement thru Art
• Getting Unstuck
• Values Realization


Groups and Workshops • Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL)
• Depression
• Forgiveness &/or Letting Go
• Stress Management
• Self-Discovery with Plaster Masks
• Parent Education for Parents of Youths Who have Sexually Abused others

Please call (208)345-1552 with questions or suggestions.