About Pennie MckayAfter more than 20 years working as a mental/behavioral health counselor I‘ve decided to stretch into the world of computer connections. This website contains an overview of my experience, training, philosophy of counseling, and current services. It also contains brief information regarding my specialties and style of counseling.

Many of my years as a counselor have included individuals, couples/partners (married and not), families and groups. Clients I have had the honor of working with have had differences in culture, hearing, vision, mental abilities, physical abilities, sexual orientation, and spiritual experience. Because of my work as a houseparent with teen girls, as well as directing a camp for individuals with disabilities/differences, I began studying and working with people who had been sexually abused. It was not long before this specialty expanded to all kinds of trauma, even before most major insurances recognized Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) serious enough that therapy could be “medically necessary.” Trauma and loss may result due to abuse, death, criminal victimization, harassment, war, and endless other experiences. With such a variety of clients and experiences I enjoy plenty of stretching, learning and growing.

My training and experience have helped me develop a huge respect for individuals and for team work. I recognize the benefit of insights from family members, medical personnel, occupational therapists, physical therapists, audiologists, and speech therapists when client issues overlap. Of course teachers, psycho-social rehabilitation workers, probation officers and couches can be great sources of information, and client support as well.

My training/education has helped me to be much more open and aware of people’s needs and backgrounds. I have frequently witnessed positive results as people re-explore their belief systems in an environment that is both sensitive to and not judgmental of differences. I believe humans are multifaceted and the peace that comes from congruity and integrity is invaluable.

Specific information about my official background follows, in the form of an abbreviated resume.

Pennie J McKay Resume